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Nowadays a Smoothie Blender is the most important item for kitchen. Smoothies have become more and more popular and although they are available bottled in supermarkets and freshly made at many juice bars, gyms and coffee shops, there is nothing like saving money and making them yourself from scratch at home. As many people are becoming more and more health conscious, different ways have been found to make delicious and nutritious drinks from fruits and vegetables.

You might ask what is a smoothie?

A smoothie is a chilled, blended drink which is made from fruit or vegetables. The wonderful thing about a fresh fruit or vegetable smoothie ( sometimes referred to as a green smoothie) is that the process of blending and chopping releases the nutrients in the ingredients. In fresh vegetables and fruits these are called phytonutrients and they are very important in helping to fight disease and build the immune system.

Smoothies can be made from fresh fruit blended with crushed ice or from frozen fruit. Some recipes call for the addition of juice or milk or even yoghurt. The variety of smoothies that you can make is limited only by your imagination and the type of ingredients you have available.

The great thing about smoothies is that you can experiment with any number of your favourite ingredients and you can add honey or even ice cream add your smoothie for sweeter.

If you run out of ideas there are several smoothie recipe books available such as the Ultimate Smoothie Book which has 130 recipes or you can get recipe ideas for your next smoothie online. There are several vegetable smoothie recipe books on the market as well.

In order to make a great smoothie you should have the smoothie maker. There are numerous makes and models on the market, however you should buy one which is of good quality.

The blades of a high quality smoothie machine will have the ability to cut through frozen fruit and ice in order to blend all of the ingredients into a nice and deliciously smooth drink. Unlike some regular kitchen blenders, your smoothie blender should be able to eliminate any lumpy bits of fruit. The end result should have the consistency of a smooth puree.

Smoothies can be a wonderful meal in themselves or a snack replacement choice. Using fresh or frozen fruit ensures that you get all of the healthy vitamins and nutrients in the ingredients you have used.

Smoothie blenders come in different designs and sizes.

Some like the Back to Basics SE300 Smoothie Express Lifestyle is a 26 ounce Smoothie maker. This smoothie maker has 3 speeds as well as a pulse setting. The container is particularly handy as it can be used as a travel mug, complete with a secure lid which is designed to prevent spills. There are several makes and models of single serve smoothie blenders on the market and this is one that has received good reviews.

If you have been used to making smoothies in a regular kitchen blender, you may have heard your blender straining to blend ice and frozen fruit. Many kitchen blenders are more suitable for milkshakes rather than for chopping the frozen fruit and ice necessary to make a smoothie.

If you require a smoothie blender that will make several servings at once and you want a powerful and reliable model, then you should consider one of the Vitamix models.

Vitamix make extremely powerful machines. In fact many of their models are used in commercial bars and restaurants. The Vitamix 1700 Turbo Blend 4500 is a countertop blender which has a 2 horse power motor. The motor is powerful enough to generate blade speeds of up to 200 mph. As you can imagine with this machine you will be able to make any kind of smoothie you want.

The addition of a smoothie blender to your kitchen will have you making delicious and nutritious chilled beverages for your family and friends.

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